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Cryptocurrency for world adoption.

Our Mission

Being the world’s leading cryptocurrency with the unification of Smart Contracts, Governance & Self-funding Treasury to ensure longevity and enable rapid growth.

Cryptocurrency is revolutionary new technology which brings an enormous realm to freedom to money. However, even after ten years, cryptocurrency adoption is less than 1% of the world population. We work to bring cryptocurrency to everyone.

Energi Explained in 10 Minutes

This easy-to-watch video (part of our 10-part Education Series) elegantly explains some major value propositions of Energi:

How Energi Sets Itself Apart

The majority of cryptocurrencies today have a system of mining in place which rewards those running their graphics card or CPUs, or specialized mining hardware. This functions as inflation or could even be seen as a type of "tax" on the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, at a ~$100 billion market cap, is "burning" over FIVE BILLION dollars a year on mining.

If Bitcoin had a system in place similar to Energi, Bitcoin would currently have BILLIONS OF DOLLARS worth per year to allocate to development and growth. This is an enormous missed value, a gap which Energi seeks to fill.

Our All-Star Team

The Energi Core team hails from extremely strong backgrounds in Cryptocurrency (past experience), Finance, Economics, Marketing, and Development. Energi combines strong practices from all relevant realms to build out a truly world class and top-level cryptocurrency platform.

Energi's Coin Specs

Ticker: NRG
Block time: 1 minute.
Consensus Mechanism: Proof of Stake
Masternode requirements: 10,000 Energi.
Treasury cycle: Every 14 days.

Approximately 1 million Energi is released per month.
The allocation can be observed easily as "10/10/40/40."
10% to the Energi Backbone
10% to Stakers
40% to Masternodes
40% to the Treasury

What's Next?

Energi utilizes a calculated and progressive approach to reach world adoption, see where we've gone and where we are going on our Roadmap!

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