Our Story

(The Short Version)

Energi was started by Tommy World Power in summer 2017, born from Tommy’s clear understanding of the power and potential of well designed self-funding cryptocurrency organizations, powered by coin emission as the primary funding mechanism for contributors. This concept is now starting to catch on, but was hardly discussed at the time. Tommy made a video on this concept and around the same time started creating Energi as seen here. Over the past 5 years, Tommy has spent thousands of hours learning about the cryptocurrency space and its technologies from a very high level perspective, originally in order to make good investments, however, Tommy recognized the enormous power behind what he could create, thus Energi was born.

In its first year and until launch, Energi was primarily in a development phase and funded solely by Tommy. No money was raised by outside or public investors, and there was no ICO. Finally, after the concepts Tommy designed had been implemented, Energi launched on April 14th, 2018. Because of Energi’s incredibly strong design, combined with very strong leadership, Energi is now growing rapidly (and we are always seeking to add high-quality contributors to the team – see our Join our Team page if interested).

As of now, Energi has about 20 full-time contributors spread across Development, Marketing, Operations, Business Development, HR, and Defense. Energi is developing into a smart contract platform, with all of Ethereum’s capabilities, combined with our Treasury and Governance model — a very powerful combination of features. There are numerous cryptocurrencies with the same goal (some of which have raised in excess of $100M in their ICO’s). If we are the first cryptocurrency to accomplish this combination of major features, we will be the only cryptocurrency in existence to have done so. We envision Energi becoming a multi-thousand person organization, and as a result of our powerful self-funding design, built in governance and strong direction and leadership. All in all, we see Energi becoming one of the most dominant, if not THE most dominant cryptocurrency platform in existence in the coming few years.