Our Story

(The Short Version)

          Energi was started by Tommy World Power in summer 2017, born from Tommy’s vision of a powerful economically-optimized self-funding cryptocurrency (which alone is far more rare than you would think), combined with smart contract capabilities and decentralized governance. In this design, Energi’s own emission is used the primary funding mechanism for fueling its growth. Discussion about economic optimization of cryptocurrencies is rare, and even more rare to see it accompanied with the other most significant features of cryptocurrency protocols. Tommy has spent thousands of hours researching the cryptocurrency space and its technologies from a high level since 2013, originally in order to make good investments. Tommy recognized the enormous missed value in the space, but recognizing how difficult it was for other projects to change and understand his vision, so instead he chose to create it, and thus Energi was born. Tommy made a video on his early concept, and soon after began working on Energi.

          In its first year and until launch, Energi was primarily in a development phase and funded solely by Tommy. No money was raised by outside or public investors, and there was no ICO. Finally, after the concepts Tommy engineered had been brought to life, Energi launched on April 14th, 2018. Through the bear market of 2018, Energi has continued to grow and expand, at a time when most projects had gone into hibernation mode, or even completely diffused. Energi attributes its success to strong economics and skilled leadership, despite extremely challenging market conditions. As of now, Energi has approximately 20 active contributors building Energi. (On that note- we are always on the lookout for high-quality individuals to join us, see our Join our Team page if interested).

          Currently, Energi is in the process of moving to an Ethereum-based code-base (see Roadmap). Energi will adopt all of Ethereum’s existing capabilities, but will also be imbued with our finely tuned Treasury and Governance model to drastically expand growth and adoption. We are grateful to the Ethereum developers and community, and will support Solidity devs and projects who come to Energi where they may benefit from our services, while working with the same basic coding architecture. Over time, Energi will continually upgrade the code-base to maximize capabilities, or eventually develop a brand new platform with the latest technology as the greatest needs within the cryptocurrency space become clear and continue to evolve.

        As Energi nears its 3.0 platform release, Energi may become the first and only cryptocurrency to effectually accomplish this combination of major features (strong treasury/funding + smart contracts + governance). Our goal is to bring Energi forth as one of the most dominant, if not THE most dominant cryptocurrency platform in existence in the coming years. We aspire to be a globally-impacting organization with what we feel are the right ingredients to achieve it.