Coin Specs

Ticker: NRG

Block time: 1 minute.

Hashing Algorithm: EnergiHash (ASIC-resistant).

Masternode requirements: 10,000 Energi.

Treasury cycle: Every 14 days.

Approximately 1 million Energi is released per month. The allocations can be observed easily as “10/10/40/40.”

10% to the Energi Backbone.
10% to the Miners (which will eventually transition to Proof of Stake).
40% to Masternodes.
40% to the Treasury.

Thus, for every block, allocations are: 2.28 Energi to the Backbone, 2.28 Energi to the Miners, 9.14 Energi to the Treasury, and 9.14 Energi to Masternodes.

Since Treasury allocations are paid in two-week cycles, they are made in lump sums of approximately 184,000 Energi every 14 days.

Masternode payments began approximately 5 months after launch, on September 19, 2018. Until this point, Masternode rewards were re-directed to the Treasury. See more masternode stats at:

As far as maximum number of coins, there is no coin-limit on Energi because the treasury and masternode allocation are essential to Energi’s survival, and are essentially the engine behind Energi, and we do not see a reason to give Energi a “death sentence” by removing its engine, even hundreds of years from now.

Energi also has an active Earndrop campaign designed to release ~4 million Energi to the community. You can see more details on this at our Earndrop page.