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Energi Defense

Energi Defense and its investigative arm, Energi Bureau of Investigations (EBI), serve to protect our community from hackers, scammers, and other nefarious actors in the space. Our elite team ranges from veterans of the Cybersecurity industry to veterans of the Intelligence Community (FBI, CIA, etc.).

Those who seek to harm our community will be swiftly dealt with and referred to our law enforcement partners for prosecution in their respective jurisdiction. Energi is unique and forward-thinking in the Cryptocurrency space in that it provides this vital service to its community and has a treasury system in place to vibrantly support it and our community’s future growth.

What you can expect from us:

What you should not expect from us:



Essential Security

Tips from the EBI Team

Not Your Keys, Not Your Energi

Convenience vs. Security

EBI Security Guide

Simple Scam Detection Methods for Discord Users


Earndrop Audit

Details Behind Earndrop Audit
November 2019

Public Announcement

Scam Update Bulletin
October 2019


Attempted Fraud Thwarted
September 2019

Scam Alert

“Energi Plus” scam warning
September 2019

Public Announcement

Cryptohashtank Hack
July 2019

Public Announcement

Masternode Scammer Identified
February 2019

Public Announcement

One hacker, two aliases
November 2018

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