Energi Emission Schedule

Approximately 1 million Energi will be released per month. The allocation can be observed easily as “10/10/40/40.”

  • 10% will go to the Energi Backbone  – as reward for the vision and creation of Energi, as well as incentivizing future leadership and guidance.
  • 10% to the Miners (which will eventually transition to Proof of Stake)
  • 40% to Masternodes
  • 40% to the Treasury

Note, similar to Bitcoin and Zcash’s emission, Energi will have very high inflation for the first few months especially, and even through its first year. This can cause enormous price volatility, but we feel this is effective because it allows for a strong treasury fund (which, once again, we believe each dollar effectively spent can result in 10x or more re-investment in Energi) — leading to a very powerful positive feedback loop. The large allocation to treasury and moderate inflation is the engine of our cryptocurrency.

As far as maximum number of coins, there is no coin-limit on Energi because the treasury and masternode allocation are essential to Energi’s survival, and are essentially the engine behind Energi, and we do not see a reason to give Energi a “death sentence” by removing its engine, even hundreds of years from now.