Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hey everyone, we’re glad to have you with us in our Energi Community. For any questions relating to both the Earndrop and all other Energi related issues, please first refer to this FAQ document. This will be a dynamic document that we keep updating and polishing on a near daily basis. If your questions are not answered here, feel free to contact us on our Discord and Telegram! Thank you for your support!

The following FAQ sections are presented in this document, in this order: 

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Earndrop FAQ Energi Business Model Mining Masternodes General Treasury Market, price, market-value Wallet

We recommend everyone to read this document carefully, since most FAQs are extensively answered here. If you question is not answered in here, please make a little effort to provide us all important details related to your problem for as good as possible in the channel, to make it easy for us to solve your problem. Can you feel the difference between these two questions:
– “my wallet doesn’t work” 
– “When I open the wallet, I see the following message for 20 minutes already “Loading Block Index…” I tried to reboot the wallet, but it gave me the same message. How can I solve this?”

The more clear and specific details you provide, the easier and faster your problem will be resolved.

Earndrop FAQ

KYC procedure: What do you do with our data ? I don't know if I feel comfortable giving all these different accounts, and a mobile number and photos of myself and ID.

We need to do a KYC to make sure that real people with real accounts sign up, to avoid scammers, cheaters and people with duplicate accounts etc. For that, we have installed a certain KYC procedure, with minimum requirements. Government issues passport/ID to make sure who to deal with. Selfie, date and #Energi written to make sure the person is still alive and willingly into this. At last the phone number and SMS validation. As stated in our Privacy Policy, We are the sole owners of the information collected on this site. We only have access to the informational that you voluntarily give us. We will not sell or rent this information to anyone. This information will only be used to verify the legitimacy of participants and will be permanently deleted after the earndrop is complete.

Everytime I request payment in the Energi Wallet, I get a different address. Why is this?

One wallet can produce multiple receive addresses. To see a list of your generated receive addresses, go to File -> Receive Addresses. You can also add/edit labels of the addresses.

Is there a limit for referrals?

No there is no limit. In fact, the top 5 people with the most referrals will be receiving additional rewards as specified in the Earn & Share section. Your referrals will be verified in order to receive the referral bonuses.

When will the Earndrop end?

For the second and third round, the Earndrop will end when the total number of participants hits 30 thousand (30k per round). Endings for other rounds will be communicated during these rounds.

How much Energi (NRG) can I earn in the Earndrop?

For the second and third round, you can earn up to 100 NRG after completing KYC (Know Your Customer procedure) and the required tasks. Individual tasks earn up to 10 or 15 NRG once completed, and in total 100 NRG. In total 30k people can participate in the second round and 30k in the third round. Information about other rounds will be communicated later.

When will the Earndrop tasks be validated? When will I get my coins that I earned in the Earndrop such as the rewards and referral rewards. When will they be paid out?

It may take up to several months to receive your Energi. You will get your coins once your actions have been audited by our auditing team. The referral rewards will be paid out along with the Earndrop rewards. You will get your coins once they have been audited by our auditing team. This is a complex and time consuming procedure, which may take up to several months. As mentioned in the Earndrop signup page: “Please note It may take up to several months to receive your Energi. At the earliest we will distribute Earndrop rewards after each round has been completed. We ask you in advance to please wait patiently for the round and verifications to complete”

Why do my KYC pictures not load or get saved?

If you’re facing this problem, please try to crop your photo or downsize the resolution and reupload it again. The max image size allowed should be 5 mb, but there is a current issue where this is not working correctly. The devs are working on a fix and it should be implemented soon. Reducing the size of the image to 1MB or less will likely solve the problem.

Why are my actions still “under review”? Why are they not “Completed”?

“Under review” means that you have done your job, and it is now up to the Energi team to review your actions and see if they are performed as they should have been. Right now you finished your task and for that task you have done all that had to be done. Over the next several months, the actions will be audited by the team. Once they are approved, then they will move to completed.

What is the sender’s email address that will be used for Energi earndrop emails?

Where can I find more info on the referral part of the Earndrop?

The earn and share tab will be available for you to access after you join the Earndrop.

Can multiple people use the same Energi address?

Multiple people can use the same Energi address for the earndrop, but they will need to have their own personal information and social accounts.

Where is the login page?

Will I get my Energi coins?

If you’ve filled out the Earndrop form properly and completed at least 2 social media tasks, you will receive the rewards. There’s 4 million NRG set aside specifically for the Earndrop.

Minimum tasks needed by a referred user in order to earn the referral bonus?

Any user will have to complete KYC and at least 2 social media actions to get any NRG, the requirement is the same for the referrals.

How much Energi per task?

Each social media task has a set amount of Energi (10 or 15 per action), totalling 100 NRG.

Is there an age limit for the Earndrop?

There are is no age limit for the Earndrop. If you have a government ID or passport, you can signup.

Why did I not receive an SMS?

SMS verification may take some time, sometimes up to an hour or so. In most cases the SMS texts will come through eventually, however countries with country codes +380, +381, +385, +386, the Balkan countries and possibly also more countries in this area, seem to have very long delays. Please stay patient for at least 2 hours.

If someone is in my list of referrals as pending, this means they have connected at least two social media (waiting for them to be verified by the team)?

Pending means that their identities are not yet validated and/or do not currently have 2 different social media actions verified. Whether the social media actions are completed or not, the referral will still show pending – until the team can verify if actions were complete.

How many users can participate in Earndrop, coming from one IP-address?

As long as individual people sign up, unique passports/ID’s and phone numbers, the same IP-address may be used.

Energi Business Model

What is the total supply? Why is there no limit on the number of coins?

Putting a cap on the number of coins would mean the inevitable end of Treasury emission and Masternode rewards, which are pivotal to the survival and growth of the network. We see no reason to put such a “death sentence” on Energi. With inflation at 1 million coins per month, when the supply increases, inflation rate decreases as there would be 1m coins relative to the number of existing coins. E.g. after 1 year there would be 12 million coins, and an additional 1 million would be 8.33% inflation. After 3 years there would be 36 million coins and an additional 1 million will only be 2.77% inflation.

Why should I trust Energi?

Do not invest in Energi if you have any fears or qualms about it, we don’t want you to stress over it and we don’t want to deal with worrying about investors, part of the reason we avoided doing an ICO. Energi is largely experimental.

What/who is the backbone? Isn’t this too centralized?

The Backbone is Tommy (and anyone he chooses to share with privately), It’s Tommy’s reward for the year/years he spent designing and creating Energi, passing on the millions of dollars he would be able to raise in an ICO, and gives him the power to direct the network.

Undoubtedly, Tommy has introduced some radical concepts into Energi, some of which are at his expense — such as the 10% on-going stake, instead of a big fat lump sum of Energi which he could have got at the beginning as well as the many millions of dollars he could have gotten, which is what happens in the majority of ICO’s today- both of which would be greater than the 10% on-going stake Tommy opted for. We feel this system is superior — perhaps a bit ahead of our time so far in cryptocurrency, and Tommy wanted to create it in this way for the purity of the design. The 10% on-going stake is effective because Tommy has a vested interest in the future of Energi. It’s similar to a 3-year distribution that some ICO’s are doing, but rather than 3-years, Tommy’s incentive to lead the network is spread out over its lifetime and not only 3 years, and thus is only given to Tommy gradually over time, and has value only if Energi does well and like how someone said it earlier, over time, Tommy’s share would gravitate toward 10%, and maximum 14% with masternode rewards (whether Tommy is above or below that at any given time) — though this is also presuming Tommy keeps all his coins, which he will not. Tommy will be selling some of his own stake for his own private endeavors, including some charity he wants to do. Tommy does want to remain around net 10% of the network though, as he feels that is a good point to be at in terms of how much say and influence he has over the network.

Energi proposals, votes and vote-tracking

You can see our current status on proposals and vote tracking here: We will be improving this over time. For an example, please see the Dash proposal and vote tracking system here In the future we have such detailed reports for Energi treasury spendings and allocations as well.


What are the hashrates for certain graphic cards and models?

See an overview of performances posted by our community members here:

To get an optimal hashrate for AMD graphic cards, the blockchain-drivers (dated August 23rd 2017) are best for that.

How do I set miners to have the same address?

Have them on the same subnet and then rpcallowip= .

Run the miner on the rigs and point them to the wallet. Make sure you configure the wallet to accept incoming connections.

You can use the same username and password for every rig.

You can use the same mining cfg on multiple miners if you’re mining to the same wallet.

Internal error 32603, what can I do?

The most likely cause of that error is that you don’t have `rpcallowip` set correctly in your `energi.conf` file on the wallet you are connecting to. Other things to check:
* `rpcuser` and `rpcpassword` are correct
* TCP port 9796 is allowed by any firewalls between the miner and the wallet
or please:
* double check the mining guide at for any missed steps


4GB vram will be the most common cause of that problem – but it’s possible there could be other causes as well. We have also seen it with nvidia cards that do have >4GB vram (that will be fixed in the next release), and it can happen if your page file is not at a minimum 16GB (some are configured at 20GB, just for good measure). If you search windows increase page file size you’ll find some good instructions for it and it will very likely solve the problem.

Where can I view total network hashrate?

You can view it at

How can I calculate an estimation of how many Energi I can mine? How many coins will be mined with a certain hashrate?

A luck factor is involved, though the following formula creates a good estimation:

Number of Daily Coins = (Your Hashrate /Network Hashrate) * 1440 * 2.28.
To calculate projected numbers you can do your hashrate divided by the network hashrate which is currently 12,000,000 in kh ~ …. take that answer and multiple it by 1440 which is the rough number of blocks per day and then multiply that number by 2.28 which is the reward per block mined. This would be the projected numbers. This is a rough estimate and also has some estimated answers because network hash changes and also solo mining is hard to calculate because their is some luck involved but if there was a pool this would be more accurate.

Is there a minimum VRAM requirement for mining Energi?

Yes, 4GB VRAM is the minimum requirement for a graphics card to mine Energi.

No mining pool yet? Will Energi have them, and if so, when are they coming?

Not yet. It’s still in development, but we hope to have it soon. We’ll announce it when it’s ready. The status of mining pool development is near completion, and it is and has been one of the highest priorities for development team to develop.

Why am I getting 0 connections on wallet?

Generally given some time the wallet will connect but it shouldn’t take any longer than 30-60 minutes. We can try to have you manually add nodes. Some nodes can be found here:
To add a node: “addnode [ipaddr]:[port] onetry” in debug console.

How can I see debug console since I'm running Ubuntu without the GUI?

Run the energi-cli program to access the debug console directly from your terminal.

Differences in values between actual wallet amounts and amounts shown in block explorer.

This is a bug in the block explorer – NOT the blockchain or the core wallet or the miner. The problem is that the block containing your rogue transaction was found at the same time as another block.
For example, the explorer shows txid: e84a2872f0e69c7a7e86ad72c1dad8932e249b011064443e3ba08c1b2993da56 is contained in block: e84a2872f0e69c7a7e86ad72c1dad8932e249b011064443e3ba08c1b2993da56 which has height 3460

However, the actual block for height 3460 is: d2077a24000c8d698d685cb24ede9d852b58d35cfcacdc636f9ba2659a299d7f

This sort of chain fork happens naturally when two miners find a block at almost exactly the same time. If I find a block and you find a block at the same time, nodes nearest to me will accept my block and nodes nearest to you will accept your block. Miners will continue mining the next block. The fork is resolved naturally by nodes preferring the longer chain. This is why mining rewards require 101 confirmations to be spent – it is astronomically unlikely for split chains to grow at exactly the same rate for over an hour and a half. However, the block explorer database appears to not correctly prune transactions from the shorter chain when switching to a longer chain, leading to incorrect information on the block explorer. I will file this as a defect in the explorer and we will begin work to fix it.

Can i mine Energi using NiceHash, as i don’t own any mining gear?

No, their system is not currently compatible.

Can I mine using Hive OS?

Hive OS is currently technically incompatible with Energi so it won’t be able to detect your miner.

What don’t I get a mining reward for a mined block? I mined a block and now it’s gone.

When two miners find the same block, only one block will be added to the blockchain thus one reward is given. The block that was “mined” by the other miner and not verified will be labelled as an orphan block and will not be added to the chain. This is a natural correction by the system that may occur. Orphan blocks are not verified and should not be appearing, so in theory it should not be showing the coins that are not expected to be in the wallet as some users have stated.

“libcurl error: 28”-message, who look like this Client connector error: libcurl error: 28 -> Operation timed out. Exception -32003 : Client connector error: libcurl error: 28 -> Operation timed out. JSON-RPC problem. Probably couldn't connect. Retrying in 2...

This is an issue with your miner connecting to your wallet. Use the install guide on the energi website and follow every step.

Does CUDA mining require changes to PCI configurations?

Yes – in this video you can find detailed steps.

If users do not change these configs after running CUDA it will be closed after DAG generation step – this is a common and known issue with CUDA miner but not all users know about that.


What is a masternode?

Master nodes are full nodes that incentivize node operators to perform the Core consensus functions of running a blockchain.

What’s Energi’s take on masternodes?

Energi is also having a 4M coin treasury boost proposal for the purpose of getting coins distributed more widely likely through an Earndrop to allow more users to be able to get masternodes (to prevent a monopoly).

How many coins are required for a masternode?

One masternode will be 10.000 Energi. Masternode rewards have already begun.

What about masternode coins lockup and payouts lockup? Are there any?

10k Energi coins are locked up to run a masternode. These cannot be moved if you want to keep running a masternode. The masternodes payouts will not be locked up.

What will the masternode rewards be like?

Masternode payouts have started Sept. 18th. General response: Masternodes receive 40% of the block reward, so that comes out to 9.14 NRG per block that will go to a single masternode. The daily/weekly/monthly rewards will be largely dependent on how many masternodes are running on the network. The logic behind the order of payments to masternodes is similar to Dash’s which you can read about here-

Masternode rewards to be quite high (consider if there are only 400 Masternodes on the network, each Masternode (which only requires 10,000 Energi) would generate 1000 Energi per month, or 12,000 Energi per year (400,000 Energi divided by 400 masternodes per month). If the number of Masternodes is 200, then each Masternode is generating over 2k Energi per month! Either way, this looks to provide a massive return of 100%+ return on Energi per year (at the start, and will gradually decline over time). We structured high masternode payments in this way on purpose as we want to strongly reward our Masternode holders and encourage the community to want to acquire Masternodes.

I'm setting up masternode using masternode guide on the website I'm on step 30 and on mac Energi Core wallet there is no masternodes tab(masternodes tab is enabled in wallet options). Can you please check why is masternodes tab not showing up. I repeat I'm using Energi Core on Mac.

Energi conf wasn’t in the folder ~/.energicore/

How long does it take to sync the remote masternode?

It usually takes 2-4 hours, and may take up to 7-10 hours.

Why my sync process on a remote server gets killed?

We recommend you to use a virtual server with 4GB memory at least.

Error message: "not capable masternode: masternode not in masternode list".

A typo in an IP-address or related important data-field in one of the .conf files is likely to cause this.

Error: Failed to load masternode cache from C:\Users\...\mncache.dat, mnpaypments.dat, netfulfilled.dat.

These .dat files are used to keep the Energi client synchronized with the list of masternodes. Occasionally this file may become corrupted, especially if your machine has experienced a power failure or OS hang while the wallet was running. It causes when you don’t close the wallet properly (turn off rig when wallet is on for example). If you are experiencing this error, you can navigate to the EnergiCore folder, e.g. C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\EnergiCore and delete the file “mncache.dat”. Then you should be able to launch the client. Always backup your wallet.dat file before deleting anything in the EnergiCore folder! If you accidentally delete your wallet.dat file and do not have a backup you will lose your NRG!
Note: Other similar errors may get corrupted and stop wallet from loading. These files have also come up as corrupted – mnpayments.dat, netfulfilled.dat

Energi core error

Masternode status shows "watchdog_expired" in local wallet

Has to do with how Sentinel was installed. Use the following command: find / -name ‘’ Try to find where it was installed. Result: Installed under /home/ubuntu/.energicore/sentinel/bin/ , then run cd /home/ubuntu/.energicore/sentinel && ./venv/bin/python bin/ && cd ~/


Is Energi a fork of an existing blockchain?

Technically Energi is a fork of the Dash source code, but it is NOT a fork of the dash blockchain, so the supply of Energi started at 0 and is unaffected by Dash balances. Energi addresses and Dash addresses are not compatible with each other.

Why is there no Whitepaper?

Eventually there will be one, however, it’s not a priority at the moment. In fact, we don’t want everyone to know exactly what all of our plans are just yet so that we can keep a competitive advantage. We are in the process of creating a Litepaper. For now, all information about Energi can be found on our website:

Will Energi be hardware wallet compatible?

We will pursue ledger support eventually, hopefully within a year.

Why aren’t all team members shown on the About Us page?

As you can read on the About Us page, we have our reasons to not display all members at this moment in time.


What is the treasury, how does the Energi treasury work and what is possible with that?

Definition: A treasury system is a community controlled and decentralized collaborative decision-making mechanism for sustainable funding of the underlying blockchain development and maintenance.
The treasury provides essential funding for development, user protections, marketing and other services for our cryptocurrency community, in perpetuity.
It also may be worthy to note that if the treasury can be well utilized, those coins will hit the marketplace and cause a more wide distribution as well
Positive feedback loop: Every dollar spent (from treasury) should yield more than a dollar of value gained
We think certain treasury competitors don’t execute treasury possibilities to its fullest potential. This is part of the huge value gap Tommy saw when he created Energi. Added with a good business sense and background, and more importantly, the ability and resources to hire people smarter than himself in any specific aspect, is a recipe for success; and that’s exactly what we are doing. We have a 1 all-star recruiter currently, we are working to add 2 more. With 3 all-star recruiters being the engine behind our personnel-adding, we will be expanding strongly across development, marketing and operations. I foresee our development side alone having 30+ members within a year. We are not throwing mud at a wall and seeing what sticks with our treasury, its a very targeted, calculated effort. Know that we’ve grown from a 5 man team since launch (less than 2 months ago), to now over 20 active contributors. We are growing fast.

Where is the money spent? Why doesn’t have Energi 100% transparency?

We believe that there can be a balance between transparency and some anonymity. Just like how traditional businesses don’t reveal exactly who earns what and who got paid how much. On a detailed level that reaches personal payouts, and boundaries are crossed with employees. What these companies do is show their auditors how much was spent and reflect this under general departments, and that’s what Energi is doing here too. We believe a middle ground is possible, that we can be completely transparent in some matters and to be anonymous in some. Also, once the company gets bigger, payouts are going to be even more department and project orientated.

Market, price, market-value

Where can the Energi coin and its market-value be followed?


Current listings on exchanges:

You can trade NRG on the following three exchanges: Cryptopia, Cryptobridge and CoinExchange. Please see our website for more details. Here’s the link:
1 – Cryptopia:
2 – Crypto-bridge:
3 –

Some exchanges provide extra trading pairs besides NRG/BTC.


Where and how can I create an Energi wallet?

See how to set up a desktop wallet or a Coinomi wallet. There is also an instructional video available.

How can I backup my Energi wallet?

See for detailed instructions on how to backup your wallet.

I forgot my password for my Energi Core wallet. Is it possible to recover my wallet?

The only way it will be possible to recover the wallet is if the wallet was backed up before being encrypted with a password. If there is no backup for the wallet, the only way to get back in the wallet will be to remember the password. If you know part of the password, there are programs out there that can attempt to brute force unlock it.

How can I restore my wallet?

To restore your wallet, you’re going to need to go into Users -> App Data -> EnergiCore and then replace the wallet.dat file with the one you backed up. (on Mac go to /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Energi Core) If you are restoring to a new machine or clean operating system install, you will need to create the EnergiCore folder or run the wallet one time before you can install your backed up wallet.dat file. Also see:

Can I restore my Coinomi wallet using the Energi Core desktop wallet?

This is indeed possible if you have your seed words from Coinomi. Here are the steps to take:

1) shut down the Energi Core wallet
2) rename wallet.dat to some backup file (we will be making a new wallet)
3) edit energi.conf and add the following lines:

mnemonic=”the seed words to restore”

4) launch Energi Core and your wallet will be restored
5) shut down Energi Core Wallet

6) remove the `mnemonic` line from energi.conf (no longer needed, only needed one time to generate the wallet)

7) Launch the Energi Core Wallet

8) (optional) encrypt the Energi Core Wallet

Wallet loading time: wallet not loading or takes long time to load.

The wallet may take some time, up to several minutes, to fully load an sync. If you see the following written text below, “Loading Block Index…”, everything is alright and you simply just have to wait a bit longer. In version 1.1.0 the loading time is drastically reduced.

Wallet version 1.1.0 but nodes still on 0.1.0. Why is that?

Each node is controlled by someone so they manually have to upgrade to the new version. The new wallet is compatible with the old version nodes so it’s no problem.

Everytime I request payment in the Energi Wallet, I get a different address. Why is this?

One wallet can produce multiple receive addresses. To see a list of your generated receive addresses, go to File -> Receive Addresses. You can also add/edit labels of the addresses.

Wallet compatibility with Linux versions.

Currently the released wallet only works on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

What is mixing?

Mixing is for private send – it is a way to anonymize some funds. If you hit the “info” button below that – it will give an explanation.