Important Disclaimers

*** We see Energi as experimental, participate accordingly! ***

Firstly, no one is obligated or committed to work on Energi for any period of time. We are not doing an ICO or pre-mine both of which greatly reward the founders and are often looked down upon by the cryptocurrency community. Again, we emphasize, we don’t want anyone to have expectations of Energi or the Energi team, or to do things in a certain way.

We might change major parts of the protocol, or do things some people don’t agree with, this is our prerogative, and if you don’t like that we ask you to simply not participate. This is after all, an experimental project, so if you chose to mine this cryptocurrency, or buy it, make your own decision if you want to do so, and do so at your own risk!

Do not come to us to complain if the price is down, do not come to us saying “Yo! I put $10k in, do something!” – we don’t want to hear it! A big part of the reason we are NOT doing an ICO is so we don’t have that pressure. Simply DO NOT get involved if you are not understanding the risks involved, or our attitude of “move fast and possibly break things” or us making the changes we like, or the rate of development of which we are progressing.