Important Disclaimers

*** We see Energi as experimental, participate accordingly! ***

Firstly, no one is obligated or committed to work on Energi for any period of time. We did not conduct an ICO or have a premine, unlike the majority of projects. Rather, we boot-strapped from the ground up (and did so in unforgiving bear market conditions). Part of why we did this is because we don’t want any pressure of expectations of Energi or the Energi team, or to do things in a certain way.

As we grow, we may change major parts of the protocol (some on the Roadmap, and some changes that we will only realize are important at a future time). Our philosophy is being intelligent and adaptable, and we will undoubtedly evolve quickly, if you don’t like a fast-pace/growth environment and are opposed to change, we ask you to simply not participate. This is after all, an experimental project, so if you chose to stake this cryptocurrency, or buy it, make your own decision if you want to do so, and do so at your own risk!

Do not come to us to complain if the price is down, do not come to us saying “Yo! I put $10k in, do something!”  – this is another reason we did not have an ICO, so we don’t have that pressure. Simply DO NOT get involved if you are not understanding the risks involved, or our attitude of “move fast and possibly break things” or us making the changes we like, or the rate of development of which we are progressing.