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Energi is a top 100, self-funded cryptocurrency project with over 80 contributors across 17 time zones. Our mission is to become the world’s leading cryptocurrency with the unification of Smart Contracts, Governance & Self-funding Treasury to ensure longevity and enable rapid growth. Energi is currently available on multiple exchanges globally.

Our Vision

Ultimately, our ambition is to have an organization with talented leaders who understand Energi's mission and impressively drive their projects forward. We look for people who exceed all expectations so that if Tommy went away for some time, he could return to an organization functioning not only well, but even better than he left it. Such leaders are skilled at running their teams, communicating across departments, and managing expectations to achieve the highest quality of output. These are precisely the kinds of people who will deliver the rapid growth we're working towards. Besides guiding the vision for Energi, a key focus for Tommy is adding and promoting these types of leaders within our organization.

Our Values

Integrity: We value people with strong moral fiber, who function from a place of love and loyalty. Tommy never needed to create Energi. The desire to build a groundbreaking project came from a real place of love, not a desire for materialism, vanity, or consumerism, which afflict many societies around the world today. Our contributors should function from a similar place of purpose – our shared values ensure that we have matching energy within Energi. Loyalty is also essential because, in the end, love is more powerful than all the money in the world. Our organization should be bound by these values, especially to overcome the inevitable challenges we will face.

Speed and Quality: We value people who get things done quickly and efficiently, while also having a high attention to detail. Energi’s leadership team focuses on the vision and direction of the project; they cannot get caught up in rectifying incomplete or insufficiently thought-out work. Given the nature of our industry, we must respond quickly to organizational needs – which is why part of our creed is “talk today, done tomorrow.” Every contributor at Energi should strive to impress with their thoroughness and by overdelivering on the quality and speed at which they complete their tasks. Also, less is often more. We strive to make our work as minimalistic, yet high impact, as possible. In an ideal world, managers will feel legitimately impressed that contributors have so promptly delivered high-quality work with very little hand-holding. Through consistently outstanding performance, individuals can rise to the top of Energi’s leadership positions.

Strategic Thinkers: We strive to make powerful, meaningful and well-thought-out moves. It may take weeks to organize and execute a plan in full, but this is better than multiple revisions over the same time frame or rushing around at the last minute. We expect our contributors to have the same thoughtfulness in the work they do – quality over quantity every time.

Leadership: We value those who demonstrate leadership qualities, though this is not a requirement to join the Energi team. We expect every contributor to be conscious and considerate of others; we treat the people who work below us with the same respect and professionalism as those above. Showing such admirable qualities also puts you in a better position to progress within our organization.