Step 1: Sync the wallet

Download and install the latest version of the Energi wallet from:

Run the wallet and wait for sync to complete

Step 2: Configure the wallet

Navigate to your EnergiCore directory


You may have to enable viewing of hidden files and folders

Step 3: Exit and restart the Energi wallet

This will load the new settings you specificed in your energi.conf file

You are now ready to set up energiminer

You should get an output that looks something like this, especially if you’re running multiple GPUs:

This will list every graphics card in your system. In the example, we have one entry for the onboard Intel graphics, and 6 entries for 6 AMD RX 580 GPUs.

Preceeding each entry are two numbers in this format:

[1] [0]

The first number is the platform. The first platform, 0, is the onboard graphics card. The six RX580s are grouped into their own platform. We will be using platform 1, containing the six graphics cards.

The second number is the card number. The count starts from 0, so the six cards range from 0 to 5.

You will need this information when configuring your start.bat file.

Step 4: Configure start.bat

Start mining

Double click start.bat to start mining.