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Planned Future Changes

We will be transitioning to Proof of Stake in about a year (possibly a bit sooner or later). We feel Proof of Stake is superior to Proof of Work and once we have firm footing we will transition to that, plan for it!

In our roadmap, we plan to eventually implement turing complete technology and/or transition to a blockchain which allows us to be turing-complete (like Ethereum, but with our same treasury and masternode system in place).

We also plan to implement scaling solutions, whether they are state channels, or master-child/child-chain implementations, or otherwise.

We see ourselves as akin the Borg in Star Trek, we will absorb any useful technological aspects of other cryptocurrencies (within reason and not bloating ourselves), built on the foundation of a solid treasury and masternode system.

In closing, once again, we see Enegi as an experimental project, DO NOT get involved with any expectation of anything in return for your efforts. We are creating a system where we want NO pressure, and can focus on fulfilling our vision!