• Completed:

    • 2017
    • Q3 2017:

      Development began July 2017.

      Engineered coin inflation rate, issuance structure, and other fundamental designs.

    • Q4 2017

      Implemented EnergiHash (ASIC-resistant hashing algorithm similar to Ethereum).

      Implemented Treasury and Backbone reward systems.

    • 2018
    • Q1 2018:

      Worked Testnets and Block Explorer.

      Optimized and improved technical and economic aspects of Energi.

    • Q2 2018:

      Implemented Masternodes.

      Energi mainnet launched April 14, 2018!

    • Q3 2018:

      Earndrop - Round 1 for 20,000 participants completed.

      Masternodes live on mainnet. Payments began Sept 18th, 2018.

  • We are here:

    • Q4 2018:

      Optimizing GPU miner and mining pool software.

      Earndrop - Rounds 2 and 3.

      Large scale marketing campaigns to bring awareness about Energi and build out community.

    • 2019
    • Q1 2019:

      Earndrop - Round 4.

      Integrating with major exchanges and multi-coin wallets.

    • Q3 2019:

      Energi 2.0 with smart contracts, high transaction capacity, and with our existing Treasury and Governance model.

    • Q4 2019:

      Energi 2.0 Mobile wallet - as easy to use as Venmo and able to sync with phone contacts. Seamless experience.

      Beginning on-boarding blockchain projects and dApps onto the Energi platform incentivized by our Incubator Program, Business Development Support, and User Protections (all services funded by our Treasury).

    • 2020
    • Q1 2020:

      Acceptance as a payment method for high-demand merchants, and campaigns to build merchant acceptance worldwide.

    • And Beyond:

      In the coming years, Energi seeks to retain thousands of full-time contributors and functioning as a powerful global organization unlike anything seen in the cryptocurrency space. Energi will continue expanding marketing efforts and ease of use of the protocol to rapidly increase demand and adoption.