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  • Completed:

    • 2017
    • Q3 2017:

      Pre-development: Engineered coin emission and allocations to Miners, Masternodes, and Treasury along with other fundamental designs.

      Development began July 2017.

    • Q4 2017

      Implemented EnergiHash (ASIC-resistant hashing algorithm).

      Implemented Treasury and Backbone systems.

    • 2018
    • Q1 2018:

      Testnet and Block Explorer went online.

      Optimized and improved technical and economic aspects of Energi.

    • Q2 2018:

      Implemented Masternodes and Governance systems.

      Energi 1.0 Mainnet launched on April 14, 2018!

    • Q3 2018:

      Masternodes live. Masternode rewards began on the September 18th, approximately 5 months after launch to ensure fair distribution and giving community members plenty of time to accumulate.

      Earndrop Round 1 completed. Over 1 million NRG distributed, achieved net social media following of over 70,000.

    • Q4 2018:

      Optimized GPU miner and mining pool software.

      Earndrop Rounds 2 and 3 kicked off.

      Energi Gen 3 began development.

    • 2019
    • Q1 2019:

      Energi 2.0 completed. Upgrade to Proof of Stake.

    • Q2 2019:

      Energi Gen 3 continued development. Over 50% completed.

      Energi Core began working on Energi X, a commission-free Futures Exchange, with its primary trading pair being NRG. Energi X is a major endeavor and will be one of Energi's major focuses over the coming years. It alone can drive major demand for NRG, and enormously grow Energi both in the realm of cryptocurrency exchanges, and as a cryptocurrency platform at large. There is no firm release date yet, but launch is tentatively planned for Q1 2021.

    • Q3 2019:

      Expanded marketing efforts to increase awareness about Energi and broaden the community.

      Energi Gen 3 began public testing. Featuring major additions to Energi's capabilities and abilities to be useful in a real-world context. This is our most significant update since launch.

      Earndrop Rounds 2 and 3 entries are finalized.

      Round 4 went live. Due to high demand, Round 4 finished very quickly.

    • Q4 2019:

      NRG for Rounds 2, 3, and 4 released after the auditing process was finalized.

    • 2020
    • Q1 2020:

      Energi Gen 3 released. Energi rebuilt as a smart-contract platform adapted from Ethereum, compatible with apps written for Ethereum.
      This is a major update that enables virtually all of Ethereum’s capabilities while incorporating our Treasury, Masternodes, and Governance systems, all-in-one.

      Energi began adopting existing Ethereum infrastructure such as MyEtherWallet. This upgrade also enabled dApps to migrate to the Energi ecosystem, by doing so they will benefit from Energi Defense (cybersecurity), our incubator, and other expanding services.

    • Q3 2020:

      Major focus on developing our commission-free exchange Energi X, which will be the main driver of future demand for NRG.

      Energi begins work on synthetic assets (similar to the Synthetix project, but built on Energi). This will allow synthetic assets to be created from Energi’s locked up masternode collateral with an approximate 5:1 collateralization ratio. Combined with Energi X, this will be a major demand-driver for NRG.

      Energi Arcade released!
      Energi Arcade is the new and improved version of the former “Energi Rainbot.” It’s designed for community members to build their stash of NRG while having fun hanging out in our Discord channel. If you haven’t participated yet, come to our Discord channel and join us!

      Energi Impact continues to build and expand our education platform and continuing humanitarian and environmental efforts. We are currently continuing our tree planting campaign, with over 5,000 trees to be planted this quarter.

  • We are here:

    • 2020
    • Q4 2020:

      Energi X tentative time frame to start public testing.

    • 2021
    • Q1 2021:

      Energi X tentative launch time frame.

    • Q2 2021:

      Energi Synthetic Assets tentative launch time frame. Energi Synthetics will allow a variety of highly demanded assets such as a USD peg, and gold, to be traded commission-free on the Energi X.

      With Energi X and Energi Synthetic Assets now up and running, Energi will be strongly capitalized to begin implementing the most powerful blockchain features and dApps. This includes cutting-edge scaling solutions utilizing our existing layer 1 and layer 2 architecture, oracles (built on top of our Masternodes), and any other highly demanded capabilities or dApps.

    • Q4 2021:

      Energi Mobile Wallet tentative launch time frame. Implementing a user-friendly interface on mobile, ability to sync with phone contacts, and making Energi payments easier for users and merchants.

    • And Beyond:

      In the coming years, Energi seeks to retain thousands of full-time contributors, and function as a powerful global organization unlike anything seen in the cryptocurrency space.

      Energi will continue expanding marketing efforts, development, and ease of use, to rapidly increase demand and adoption.